Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ten on Tuesday - 6/28/2011

Carole's topic this week is Ten Favorite Things About the Fourth of July:

1. Sales at the mall - a good excuse for spending money and keeping our economy strong...it's patriotic...right?!?
2. Picnics and cook-outs - hamburgers, hot dogs, beanie weanies (my specialty and always requested by my MIL at her soirees)
3. Parades - I haven't been to one in years
4. Family and friends - cause they make everything more fun
5. Boat rides - speedboats, sailboats
6. Baseball - America's pass time
7. Homemade ice cream - good for the soul...but not the waistline
8. Flags - everywhere...Hooray for the red, white and blue!
9. Fireworks - the ones at The Ballpark at Arlington are the best I've seen locally, but one year we were in Boston for the Fourth of July, and we took a river cruise to watch the show.  It was spectacular!
10. Freedom - cause that's why we celebrate the day

Have a good one!

MK out.

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Knitrageous said...

Great list! Especially homemade ice cream! Maybe I should dig out the freezer. The gkids would love it!