Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Petunias Got a Haircut

I am not a good fact, I hardly think I qualify as a gardner of any kind.

So, I put the plants in the ground, they get watered and I weed every so often.  The temperatures have been in the upper nineties to one-hundreds in the last couple of weeks.  I was also out of town during this time....but....

Remember..I had noticed that some of the begonias were not getting as big as others in the same bed.  The petunias were kind of taking over in areas, and a friend suggested I prune them.  The gardener (whose people come and trim the bushes and groundcover) told me that a little plant food or fertilizer might help.  Did I do any of that?


So, today, I decided I had to do something.  I'm sorry I didn't get any before pictures.

I weeded and gave the petunias a haircut.  They were choking out the marigolds in places.

Bad petunias.

So, the bottom bed got the most of my wrath.

I pulled out at least two, maybe three, dead marigold plants from this bed.  Dead as in, dry sticks.  I'm no plant doctor, but I know signs of life when I see them...or when I don't.

Oh well.

I still need to put down some enriched soil or plant food or something.  Then, there's the bags of mulch I've never bothered to open and spread.


MK out.

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