Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Not Ten on Tuesday

I couldn't think of Ten Ways to Beat Insomnia so I thought I'd show you what I am up to today instead:

Since my mom had commandeered my sewing room as her sitting room, I hadn't done a whole lot of sewing in the past several years.  Unlike my knitting habit, I do not have much of a fabric stash.  I did go through my mom's quilting things that she had here and kept a few pieces of fabric for which I already have plans, but the rest is going. 

I did buy two lengths of fabric last year with the intention to make skirts.  I think I will in the next few weeks.

MK out.


Always Alice said...

Yarnaholic but not a Fabriholic.....we need to talk! They are and can be one in the same.......

I will be watching for the 'final fit'..

always alice

RoamingKnitter said...

Glad you are back to sewing. It is a lot of fun.

Check your local quilting guild for gifting the stash. They often use it in fund raisers.