Wednesday, March 2, 2011

WIP Wednesday - 3/2/2011

What a beautiful day it was yesterday in these parts.  Instead of coming up with a Ten on Tuesday or at least a Two on Tuesday, I went to the park after work and enjoyed the sunshine. 

Since I just finished some projects (that y'all haven't yet seen), I pulled out some yarn and planned some projects for March:

I will make my March 2011 Socks out of the Fleece Artist using the Aquaphobia pattern (top). I think it will be fun working with this yarn since the colors are so bright and sunny - kind of like what I see outside my window this morning. 

From left to right:  I decided I needed a more masculine version of Pumpkin that I made in January.  Next, you might recognize that pile of Malabrigo Rios from my problem children post.  It is going to become a Liesl this month, (for real). Two more washcloths will be made from the leftover linen yarn

The sweater I started in February still looks like this:

I will try to make it look more like the picture this month....

What's are your knitting plans this week?

MK out.

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