Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ten on Tuesday - 3/22/2011 - The One About Spring

Although spring is not my most favorite season, here are Ten Reasons To Be Glad It's Spring:

1. Flowers - tulips, daffodils, azaleas...flowers.
2. Easter dresses - although I haven't bought a new dress or outfit for Easter services in quite a while.
3.  Warm, sunny, dry days that allow one to dine outside...(or just stand outside without sweating) - and they are few and far between around here.
4.  Longer daylight hours - even though it means we wake up in the dark.
5.  Birds - There's a cardianl family in the bushes outside my sewing room window and a cute little teeny bird family that makes its annual nest in the birdhouse sitting on the patio table.
6.  Flying kites - another activity from the past...apparently.
7.  Pedicures with pink or pinky-red polish.
8.  Driving around town with the sunroof open.
9.  Cute tops and cropped pants - so comfy and fun...
10.  Strappy sandals - I need to go shopping...

Thanks Carole.

MK out.


KatMcD said...

Yes, pedicures and cropped pants. Love it! I wish I had thought of those.

Nichole said...

I love your list! Happy TOT!

Lorette said...

And Easter Eggs! I forgot Easter Eggs and Peeps!

Honoré said...

I'm off for my first pedicure of the season Thurs! Didn't think of adding that to my list; love yours!

dianne said...

Pedicure, great idea! I've been thinking I need one for a few weeks now :-)

MarytheKay said...

So...what is your favorite season? :-)

I LOVE pink and pinky-red polish on my toes!!

Happy Spring day, name twin!