Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ten on Tuesday - 3/15/2011

I like pie...How about you?

Here are my 10 Favorite Kinds of Pie, in this order:
1. Blueberry - and not just any blueberry pie - I like mine made with fresh blueberries, not canned, on a homemade crust - thank you.  The best I've ever had was somewhere along the Cabot Trail in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.
2. Banana Cream Pie - the kind you get in Bear Creek, Montana at the Hungry Bear Cafe. They advertise that their pie is the best in the world - for several miles before you get there. OMG!  It is like that homemade banana pudding with the Nilla Vanilla Wafers, except on a homemade crust,  that you might make once in your life from scratch until you figure out that you can make it a quicker way - but it's not as good...trust me.  Anyway, that pie is as good.
3. Key Lime - only if it's tart and it is homemade.  I've had some in Key West.  It was good.

Are we sensing a theme here? Maybe, more than one?

4. Lemon - again, best if tart and homemade. I like the kind at S&D Oyster Company in Dallas - especially before a Dallas STARS or Dallas MAVS game.
5. Pumpkin - I will eat just about anything pumpkin - bread, ice cream, pie - anything.  In a break with tradition, Mrs. Smith's Pumpkin Pie is pretty good.  In fact, I have her make pumpkin, apple and pecan pies frequently at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  She always seems happy to oblige.

OK, from here, there is no particular order, as long as it is homemade, (except for the two that Mrs. Smith makes for me):

6. Apple - I like it warm and with ice cream.
7. Pecan - Before I met Mrs. Smith, I remember going to Luby's with Anne, Barbara, Sara, Lynn and Chuck in Bryan, Texas, usually on a Sunday night - since the Commons cafeteria wasn't serving dinner - to have vegetables and pecan pie. Yum!
8. Cherry - I forget who turned me on to cherry pie, but I love it.
9. Peach - Room temperature with a side of ice cream will do, but warm is great!
10.  Blackberry - I think Barbara (see #7) makes a good one.

I love pie - homemade is best...

Ask me when I last made pie.

....and my thanks to Carole for this week's topic.  She is the Ten on Tuesday Queen.

MK out.


Annemieke said...

Pie is a very good thing. My daughter makes a very delicious chocolate pecan pie.

MarytheKay said...

Mmm! I love pie, too!! I make a mean key lime pie!! My mom grew up with a key lime tree in her backyard (in FL), so she handed down her recipe. The only pie on your list I haven't tried is the banana cream pie.

So--when's the last time you made pie? :-)

Merry Karma said...

@ MK - it's been several years...