Thursday, March 17, 2011

I Like Aprons

But since I haven't been cooking much around here lately, and when I do, The Husb cleans up the kitchen - who would know?

Because I'm sure everyone is wanting to see, I have some pictures of my apron collection:

My mother is a seamstress extraordinaire.  Back in the day, she would frequently make aprons to give as shower gifts.  She made a couple for me:

(Note to self:  Style your pictures better.  Ironing helps tremendously.)

I think I made this apron myself many years ago.  It's a great combination of Christmas and aprons...two of my loves:

I won this apron at an American Heart Association function:

Here is a vintage Delta Airlines flight attendant apron:

Since I am pretty much a girly girl, I like my dish gloves to be girly:

By now, you may be asking, "What is the point of this post?"

I have a name twin in the cyberspace.  Mary Kay has the cutest blog.  She posted some of her favorite kitchen tools yesterday, and in the pictures, she is wearing the cutest dish washing gloves that a friend made for her. (Nice friend.)  Then, she went on to say that they m.a.t.c.h the apron her friend also made for her. 


The longer I thought about it, the more inadequate I felt.  You've seen my apron collection.  You've seen my gloves.  There is not one matchy-matchy combination possible.

And to add insult to injury, look how cute MK is in her apron and dish washing gloves:

I think I have some sewing to do...

MK out.


MargoLynn said...

You WILL need to post a cutely-posed picture of yourself once the set is done, you do realize that?

(BTW, on the Christmas one, are the mittens really pockets? That would be so cool!)

MarytheKay said...

You're funny, name twin!!! I LOVE your apron collection--especially the Christmas one!

And--is there a story about the vintage Delta apron? Love it!!

Thanks for the shout out today! :-)

Merry Karma said...

@ ML - Yes, I will have to follow. Yes, mittens are functional pockets.

@ my name twin - Thanks! Re: Delta apron - Good friend flew for Delta and would pass down old uniform stuff to me and my mom...nothing juicy.

Knitrageous said...

I love your aprons! I have a couple, but don't wear them. My husband's grandma, from Mississippi, had an apron for every day. It was just part of her getting dressed!

I found a couple of fake vintage aprons at Tuesday morning and got a cool crocheted one at a garage sale. Fun. No gloves though...

Merry Karma said...

Jamye - get some fun gloves!!!

Brenda said...

omg...loved seeing your aprons...I love them...and the gloves are darling too...Love the other marykay's set !

MargoLynn said...

I thought of you when I was at SWAN DAY CT last night. One of the vendors had vintage and recently-made aprons. I kept riffling through the rack thinking I should bring one to you, especially the vintage, but (1) they were just waist-high, not full-body, and (2) I couldn't decide which one!

Julie M. Wilson said...

I recently lost my vintage delta stewardess apron. I am devastated. If there is any chance I could buy yours please let me know. I am frantically searching the internet for a replacement.
You can email me at julie(dot)michelle(dot)wilson(at)gmail(dot)com
Thanks for considering it.