Saturday, January 12, 2008

FO Saturday?

I really did try to have an FO Friday post yesterday, but I was having serious connection issues...

So.....(drumroll please)........

Here is my FO for the week:

The carseat blanky is drying on the blocking pad.

Recipe: I used this pattern .
I did not want to go back and knit a border afterwards; so, I CO 63 stitches and did 4 rows of garter. I kept the first 3 and last 3 stitches for a garter border and the worked the pattern with the stitches in the middle. I ended with 4 rows of garter.
Needles: size 13US
Yarn: 2 balls of Cabana by Reynolds
Finished measurements: 21X24 inches.
Would I make it again?: Yes, but probably using different yarn. Cabana is fine for straight knitting or even an occasional K2tog, but it doesn't have much give. It feels a little stiff sometimes.

Now, seriously - did anyone watch Grey's and er the other night? It was so nice to see n.e.w.s.h.o.w.s. I wish that the powers that be hurry up and give the writer's their cut and get over it. People have bills to pay. The public has shows to watch...

On Grey's, I liked how we saw a different side of Hahn and Christina. Meredith wasn't as whiney as she usually is, but I am really tired of the back-and-forth, we're-on-we're-off stuff between Mer and Der. Meredith has issues, but really, so does Derrick. Hellooooo, Der - if you really love Meredith, and you really want to build a house for the two of you, and you really want to give her babies and grow old with her....Do you really need to go to dinner with Rose? I guess it is the drama that keeps us watching...

With that, dear internets, I will leave you

MK out.


Jer said...

Hey MK!

Love the blanky! That's a great idea for a blocking pad. I needa get me sum!

And btw, I, for one, enjoy pics of partially completed gargantu-projects.


Merry Karma said...

MJ - Thank you.

For the pads, go to ToysRUs - they gottem there.