Sunday, September 9, 2007

Sundries on Sunday, or "I Am a Girl of One Hundred Lists..."

I think that Go Gos song was written just for me, because I have always been a slave to the lists. I've been known to make lists of lists. I'm having trouble putting together a post today; so, I will list my thoughts.

1. How 'bout them Ags?!? We listened to the Aggie game on the radio yesterday as we drove to the Ranger's game. The Ags ended up winning a squeaker against Fresno State, in three overtimes, that they should have "won decisively." Well, that's what "they" said, whoever "they" are. The score was 47-45. Whoop!

2. The Rangers also won last night. The game was good.
We took The Kid, his friend and two of the grandkids. After the game, the Rangers treated the crowd to a spectacular fireworks show. It was fun to watch the grandkids - they were so excited.

When I was in school, I did not like Sunday nights. It seemed so lonely and sad that school was starting the next day. It almost felt like a death, as in "the week is over." Sunday never seemed to last long enough, and frequently, Sunday nights were spent in a private hell, trying to catch up and completing a weekend's worth of work.

Since I've had a family, Sunday nights can be hectic and busy with chores and getting ready for the coming week, but they seem more of a beginning. I never feel that melancholy anymore, and frankly, I don't miss it. I am always thankful for those positive paradigm shifts.

4. My current projects:

I had this fabric in the stash, and figured it would work for carseat blankies. There's another baby shower later this month, this time for a little girl.

The fabric matches this yarn, also from the stash, closely enough. I have started a pair of booties. I haven't decided on the hat design yet, but I saw the pattern for these booties mentioned on another blog. The pattern can be found here at Saartje Knits.

Here are the socks. They don't look all that different than the last picture, but I am working on the heel flaps.

And now, the Merry Karma will go enjoy the rest of her Sunday. She wishes that you enjoys yours too.

Merry Karma out.

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