Monday, September 3, 2007

Happy Labor Day!

Why is it that Americans spend Labor Day not working? I guess "To Celebrate the Social and Economic Achievements of American Workers Day" would be too long to use in everyday language.

"So, Mike, what are your plans for To Celebrate the Social and Economic Achievements of American Workers Day? Me? My family and I are going to my in-laws' house for a cookout and pool party."

Yep...that must be it.

So, I am not working - well....I am not going to the hospital today to see patients. Instead, am picking up the house, doing laundry and, if I'm lucky, I will do a little knitting. (OK - maybe not that much of a misnomer.)

Speaking of knitting, I've been doing some, but not on any of the projects that I showed last time. First of all, I mailed off a wedding gift last week. Unfortunately, I wrapped it up and sealed the package before I remembered to take a picture.

Here's a picture of a similar afghan:

This one was made from Amore yarn and it was donated to the yarn guild at my church. (Thanks again, ML.) It was made for a local charity.

The wedding afghan was made using Lion Brand Wool Ease in reddish and brown tones. The pattern used was Mason Dixon Knitting's Moderne Log Cabin. (Luckily, the yarn was from my stash.)

Four of my PA school classmates are expecting babies this fall, and the first of the showers was Saturday. This mother-to-be is expecting twin boys. In keeping with my "Look in the Stash First" policy, I found some suitable yarn. It is leftover from another baby gift project from about 17 years ago - I kid you not. That particular bundle of joy is now a freshman at Texas A&M. (Whoop!)

I made the red and blue hats on the upper right for the twins. The yarn is Berella Sportspun.

I used my basic hat recipe for a baby hat:
Cast on 72 stitches in the round. Knit for 2 1/2 inches. Do a little design (or not). Keep knitting until the hat measures 5 1/2 inches from the CO edge. Do what I call a 6-spoke decrease every other round. Draw up remaining stitches. Weave in the ends...and vee-oh-lah! A hat!

I made two carseat blankies by backing this cute cotton print with flannel.

Sorry for the blurry picture, but I had to take it with my cellphone. The digital camera was in the husby's car, at work, with him.

I'd better get back to my chores; so, I will have a better chance of doing a little knitting. I really want to go see a movie, but that one might be a stretch.

So - Happy
To Celebrate the Social and Economic Achievements of American Workers Day to you. Hope you have a good one!

Merry Karma out.

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