Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunday at the Movies

I've had a week from Hades. I think we had at least 5 new consults everyday this week, not to mention the new ones my doc saw over the weekend prior. I hate Mondays after he's been on for the weekend, because I am already behind before I get there. Anyway, things settled down by Friday, and I was able to enjoy my weekend a bit. It didn't look as if it was going to be a good start to the Birthday Season, but luckily, all is well.

I have been wanting to see this movie called Once for some time now. I was able to see it this week. (So, I didn't see it on a Sunday, but I'm gonna talk about it anyway.) It's about this Irish lad who is an aspiring singer-songwriter. He meets a Czech girl, who just happens to be a piano player and a bit of an aspiring songwriter herself. They team up and make some music together. Apparently, the cast is made up entirely of musicians. It was cute, cute, cute. I really enjoyed it.

Another cute flick I saw this week was Death at a Funeral. A group of friends and family gather for a funeral, when mayhem ensues. There were parts that were laugh-out-loud funny. I really liked it.

Broken English with Parker Posey, Drea de Matteo and Gena Rowlands star in this film about a thirtysomething single woman who's been unlucky in love. Nora Wilder (Posey) is frustrated that all her friends seem to be happily coupled, and the fish in the sea aren't very promising. She meets this hunky French guy who does his best to help her remedy her situation. Zoe Cassavetes (Gena Rowland's daughter) directed this cute little film. It had enough quirk to keep me happy.

I might be able to watch Flags of Our Fathers tonight. I've had it from Blockbuster Online for a little over a week and haven't been able to watch it yet. Slowly, but surely, I am whittling down the Blockbuster Que...but Hollywood keeps cranking them out; so, I will never run out.

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Lorette said...

Thanks for the good suggestions. We haven't been to a "real" movie in ages, mostly we just rent them from Netflix and watch at home. It does have its advantages.
Your week sounds hellacious. Hope it quiets down a bit...