Sunday, January 15, 2017

Start Something Sunday - 1/15/2017

There's illness at Chez Merry Karma. The Husb and I are both being treated for respiratory infections, but there's also a case of startitis going around.

I have completed 2 projects in the last week, but there wasn't an FO Friday post because the weather has been kooky, the lighting has been bad and of course, illness. Then, of course, startitis reared its ugly head and got a hold of me in my moment of weakness.

I've started a pair of Hermione's Everyday Mitts

and I've found my fade (Find Your Fade is a new pattern taking Ravelry by storm).

I hope y'all are staying well.

MK out.

1 comment:

Lorette said...

I need to make those mitts! And that yarn is VERY pink.