Tuesday, January 24, 2017


I was cruising along on my Find Your Fade shawl. Last Thursday, I was using the third color and into the sixth section.

Soon after the picture was taken, I noticed a dropped stitch in the first couple of rows of the lace section. I frogged back and put the project aside to cool off for a bit.

Through the weekend, I picked it up here and there and did a few rows.

Last night, as I was finishing the last row in the lace section and I noticed a dropped stitch.

Son of a Beach!!!

I really don't have the heart to rip back all that work. I think I will put the shawl aside for a while and think about what I want to do.

Suggestions welcome.

MK out.


Annemieke said...

Run a matching piece of yarn through the loop of the drop stitch and the stitch its meant to be with and then weave in the ends in opposite directions.

MLH860 said...

I agree with Annemieke. If the stitch is not critical to the end product (and it appears you managed to overcome the stitch count) then just stitch it down and ignore. Count that as the necessary flaw in the project, so that you don't challenge G-d with perfection. :)