Sunday, December 18, 2016

Stash Enhancements

I've been watching a few knitting podcasts lately. It seems that the podcasting community is rather close knit. They all know each other and watch each other. I like to watch them for the yarn and project porn. They all seem to like to knit socks. I like to knit socks. I've made lots of socks in my day.  

They like the Fish Kiss Lips Heel, Hermione's Everyday Socks and the Blueberry Waffle Socks. I've made Hermione's Everyday Socks twice and most recently, I've made a pair of Blueberry Waffle Socks with a Fish Kiss Lips Heel. 

These girls are into contrasting toes and heels (and sometimes cuffs too). I decided I'd like to make some socks with contrasting heels, toes and possibly cuffs.

I bought this skein of yarn at TLE in 2014. 

I think it has a vintage Christmas vibe. I'm too busy to knit it up into a pair of socks for this Christmas, but I high-tailed it over to Knitting Fairy yesterday bought a couple of contrasting minis.

I like the way they all look together!

I bought this skein of yarn at the DFW Fiber Fest last spring.

At the time, the girls in the Tumbleweed Yarn booth asked me if I wanted some contrasting yarn for toes and heels. I said no, because that was B.P. (before podcasts). While I was at Knitting Fairy yesterday, I found these minis:

Look how nice they look with the yarn:

I was on the hunt for progress keepers, because podcasts. I found this cute set of stitch markers I had to have, since I am a big Wizard of Oz fan.

There was a progress keeper in the set. That sealed the deal.

Another thing these podcasters like is tea. They drink lots of tea. Now, I was never much of a tea or coffee drinker growing up. I don't really know when the switch flipped, but I've been known to drink both now.

I have had this tea for a while. It's my precious. 

I like this Tazo Passion tea hot or cold.

The podcasters like all kinds of different flavors of tea, and they have opened up a whole new world. First, I found this tea in a local tea shop.

Then, I bought these in Fort Collins when I visited The Kid last month.

Oh my - that Almond tea is awesome. It smells so good. The Rose Petal tea does too. Loose leaf teas are pretty interesting.

Finally, Trader Joe's has a couple of seasonal teas out. There's this one

...and this one.

I've tried them and highly recommend both of them.

I'm not a podcaster, but should one knock on my door someday, I'm ready.

MK out.

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