Monday, September 12, 2016

Movie Monday - 9/12/2016

I didn't go to the theater in the last week, but I have watched two DVDs recently that were of note.

Back in 1973, PBS aired a documentary series called An American Family, which basically consisted of following around and filming a California couple and their five kids. Bill and Patricia Loud were considered overly permissive parents and their marital issues were too much for television. The series was met with much criticism for depicting the worst of society back then. Cinema Verite is an HBO film that is a fictionalized account about filming the series. Diane Lane, Tim Robbins and James Gandolfini star in the film. It was interesting

Once I saw Cinema Verite, I researched more about the original show. An American Family, Anniversary Edition is a compilation of the most dramatic and salient scenes from the 12-part series. I remember knowing about the series back then, but I don't think I watched any of it. It was also interesting.

That's it for the week. Some good movies have and are coming out these days; so, I hope to get out and see them.

MK out.

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