Wednesday, May 13, 2015

WIP Wednesday - 5/13/2015

Update on 2015 Loopy Academy Semester 2:

I need to get off my arse and felt those slippers already!!! Being out of town really messed up a good rhythm I had going, but maybe today will be the day...

I am more than halfway done with my striped assignment v.2.

I still want to make Penny Candy Tee, but I guess I have to wait for my head to get into it.  I don't like making bottom up sweaters much, because things like swatching and blocking become more important, and Momma don't like to swatch or block...

I've cast on for the extra credit project, but it has been put aside until the scarf is finished.

Update on little striped cardi:

It needs buttons and the ends woven in.

Update on sewing projects:

Can you believe that this sausage roll...

...will turn into a pillowcase with totally finished seams? I love it!!!

I've been having fun making these pillowcases.

I just have to hem this little cutie and apply the snaps and it will be done!

What's going on in your crafting studio today?

MK out.

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Annemieke said...

You have been a busy woman.