Tuesday, May 5, 2015

And She Sews...

I've been out of town for about ten days and re-entry has been challenging. The house is a mess, the washing machine and dryer are both going - and there's more wash sorted in piles on the floor. I need to go to the store, but today is a good day to do a little sewing.

The fabric in the top left will become pillowcases for the master. The floral fabric on the right will become a little dress for the niece on the way. The camo fabric will be used to make burp pads for a friend who is expecting.

Oh look! The burp pads are done! 

I even embroidered As on them. 

They aren't perfect by any means. I don't have an embroidery machine; so, I winged it. I was going to write the whole name on each pad, but I am very out of practice doing the curvy letters (as you can see).

My latest Box of Fun from The Loopy Ewe made it to the house tonight. 

There's more fabric to make two more sets of pillowcases and yarn - of course. Don't worry, I'm not buying yarn willy-nilly. I'm using it for my backup plan for the striped assignment for Loopy Academy.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

MK out.

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