Thursday, May 28, 2015

Camp Loopy Sneak Peak

I am finishing up the extra credit project for Loopy Academy:

I feel confident that I will have it ready to post a picture on The Loopy Ewe website before the end of the month...Sunday.

Then, it's off to Camp Loopy. This year, we are going on a safari. For June, we are to make something between 6/1 and 6/30 that represents something we would "spy" on our safari.

Since I love pink flamingoes and I've had the Baah! Yarns La Jolla in Flamingo Pink on my Loopy Ewe wish list for the longest - I'm going to make a shawl out of that yarn.

This year, I will be doing the fabric challenge too.

I'm looking forward to spying an African beach.

I thought these colors represented the picture well, don't you? The gold fabric also represents a lion I may spy lounging near the water. I am planning on making a table runner for my beachy kitchen table. We have to incorporate a traditional quilt block in the design. I'm thinking pinwheels, but that can change.

Won't you join me on our Camp Loopy safari this summer?

MK out.

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