Wednesday, December 10, 2014

WIP Wednesday 12/10/2014

I took some pictures on Sunday in the hopes of writing a Start Something Sunday post, but things got away from me.  It's that time of year - the one of the frantic running around, lists that seem to grow longer despite crossing things off of them, events to attend and people to see.

My house looks like a tornado went through. I've set up stations in the den and kitchen: card addressing/envelope stuffing/stamp affixing, ironing, sewing projects, general paperwork shuffling/attending, knitting (for Christmas, of course) and wrapping/packaging to mail.  It's not the most efficient way to get things done, because I bounce around from thing to thing and get sidetracked within each category, but for some reason - I do get things done and it's comforting in a manic sort of way.

I am giving handmade gifts (read knitted and sewed) for the first time in a while. I don't relish deadline making and finishing. Historically, my handmade gift forays have been of the last minute variety.  Two months ago, I noticed that the gift box is rather full. I enjoyed making all the items, I loved the yarn and was thoroughly charmed the whole time I worked on the projects, but I cannot keep everything! So, I am down to three items still to make.  I cannot tell what each item will be yet, because there's a slight chance (as in 10 to the minus 14) the recipient will read this post before Christmas and his or her surprise will be spoiled.

So, here's what is on the needles - First up, I am making something out of these yarns:

I've already started this item. I am using some of my leftovers of Lion Brand Wool Ease. It's a good yarn to make things for easy care items. 

Secondly, I am making something out of this yarn - and I have started this item also. I think it is by Lamb's Pride:

I haven't quite decided what to make for the third gift, but I still have a little time. Don't I?

Finally, I have started my final project for Loopy Academy this semester - mittens!  

As you can see, I am not very far along, but I have until the 31st to complete them. The pattern is Outbound. The yarn is Dream in Color Classy with Cashmere in Lipstick Lava.  I may keep these, or they will go into the gift box for some future occasion.

I think this elf better get busy!

MK out.

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