Thursday, December 11, 2014

A Little Early Christmas Cheer

I have an online group of knitting friends.  I've met quite a few of them IRL, as we have had some meet ups in the past.  Every year, we hold a Secret Santa swap and I have participated several times.

This year, my Secret Santa is someone who has been my Secret Santa before.  She has also been my Scarf Swap Sister too.  She is one of my good friends in this group, and she holds another special place in my heart because she lives in The G.  She keeps things under control for me there, since I can't get down to the place often enough.

As she has on the previous occasions, she sent me some really cool stuff:

Here's the group shot of the opened packages:

Can you guess what this little gem is?  I've seen them before and thought they were really cool.

It's a purse/bag hanger! Isn't it clever? I know I will get good use of it.

There's some needle point protectors:

Aren't these wooden buttons cute?

She crocheted this snowflake:

I love this cute note pad - I am a sucker for note pads.  I love to write down the things that are swirling around in my head so I can make room for more:

The Knitter's Reference Card will come in handy and the yarn is to dye for: (Did you catch the pun?)

It's a gorgeous MCN (merino-cashmere-nylon blend) in an aptly named color - Wine on the Deck. It's Special Delivery Sock by Catawampus Farms and a portion of the proceeds is donated to support midwifery care for women and children in the US. I think that's really cool!

And she included lots of saltwater taffy from one of my fave spots on The G - La King's Confectionery. It's an old fashioned soda fountain kind of place.

I cannot thank her enough for all the Christmas magic she included in this package!!!

MK out.


RubyC said...

Sounds like you and Billie Rae make great swap partners. Merry Christmas.


Billie Rae said...

It was my fortune to draw your name! I had a lovely time shopping and collecting for you Sweet Sister. Nothing there to dust! I am happy that everything suited you.


Knitrageous said...

Aw...that's a great box! But then what else to expect from BR? Miss all of y'all!