Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Last...

It's the last day of the month.  It's been the nicest July I can remember weather-wise.

It's also the last day to watch PBS OnLine Film Festival.  I watched the ones I had not seen in the last few days:

Mad River Rising is animated and is about an old man living in a skilled nursing facility who escapes to the time of the Great Flood of 1927.

My Dear American is about an Indian American couple celebrating the Fourth of July in their new home, when they are exposed to prejudice.

North Star shows excerpts of a slave's memoirs about escaping to Vermont using the North Star to guide him to the land of freedom.

Overpass Light Brigade is a documentary short about the group of activists who hold up lighted letters on a bridge at night spelling out words that express their concerns.

Sorry About Tomorrow is about a guy who travels back in time, attempting to alter the course of events to come.

The Jazz Ticket is a documentary short about a Los Angeles inner city high school band teacher who starts a program that has benefitted the students and the surrounding community.

The Yellow Wallpaper is adapted from a short story by Charlotte Perkins Gibson.  It's about a woman struggling with mental illness.

Tryouts is about a Muslim girl who wants to join the high school cheerleading squad.

Westland is about reclusive artist Tim West who lives in Arkansas.

Why We Rise documents the story of three young people who are undocumented.

Will is an animated short about a dad who leaves his young daughter a voice mail on 9/11.

You're Dead to Me is about unresolved issues between a mom and her daughter.

All the films were good - some more than others.  It was time well spent.

MK out.

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