Monday, July 7, 2014

Movie Monday - 7/7/2014

In Tammy, Melissa McCarthy plays the title character - who is having a bad day. She wrecks her car by hitting a deer, she is late to work and is subsequently fired and she finds her husband at home cheating on her.  She decides she needs to take her grandmother's car and just leave town.  Her grandmother, Pearl, (played by Susan Sarandon), will let her take the car if she can go with her. Flashbacks of Thelma and Louise snuck into my head, but this is an altogether different movie.  Toni Collette, Kathy Bates, Sandra Oh, Allison Janney, Dan Akroyd, Mark Duplass and Gary Cole also star in this very funny movie.  I like it 

Into the Abyss is a documentary about a triple homicide that was committed in Conroe in October 2001. Michael Perry was convicted for this crime and was sentenced to death. He, along with family members if the victims and law enforcement officials were interview for this film.  It was good, but a little creepy.

PBS is currently holding its online film festival. I have watched six of the 25 shorts so far:

7 Day Gig is about a Catholic Jew who hires strangers to sit shiva for is recently deceased father with him.

A Part of Me, Apart From Me is about a guy who misses his wife.

Border Bedazzlers is about a woman and a priest who help Mexican kids paint the border wall between Mexico and he United States.

Calls from Home: Prison Radio in Appalachia is about a radio show that allows family and friends to send on air messages and shout outs to people incarcerated in Appalachian prisons.

Diamond John is based on the true story about how diamonds were discovered in Arkansas.

Digging For Water is about villagers trying to dig out a drill bit that got stuck while drilling a water well in Haiti.

I am enjoying all the films so far.

MK out.


RubyC said...

I cannot wait to see Tammy. However it is a comedy and that is not hubby material for my hubs. So I have to tag the BFF to go watch this one. Thanks for keeping your blogs going. It is always a pleasure to catch up with you.

Knitphomaniac said...

Jaime and I both want to see Tammy.....we saw Identity Thief and like Melissa McCarthy (we even watch Mike and Molly).

Love your Blog MK!