Friday, August 1, 2014

FO Friday - 8/1/2014

I finished Camp Loopy Project 2 on Sunday and finally got it blocked in time to upload a picture to The Loopy Ewe's site one day before the deadline and to show it off for FO Friday.

In case you didn't know...I used Shalimar Breathless in the Neptune colorway. 

I bought three skeins and ended up needing the third skein for a couple of rows of ribbing and the bind off of the second sleeve.  You know what that means...I have roughly a skein of this luscious yarn left and I can make a nice shawlette or cowl...that may or may not become a gift. It's a win-win in my book.

The pattern is New Wave Cardigan by Mary Annarella.  I really like her patterns - they are well-written with clear instructions.

I've already worn this cardigan.  I know it's now August, but yesterday, I was freezing in my house.  I figured I might as well wear it...isn't that why I made it after all?

I wore it to Knit Night too.  The temps outside were mild and pleasant.

MK out.


Knitphomaniac said...

It is gorgeous MK!

Knitphomaniac said...

It is gorgeous MK!

Lorette said...

Gorgeous! Another one for my endless cardigan queue.