Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Camp Loopy 2014 - Session 2

The second session for Camp Loopy 2014 started today.  I've had my yarn and have been ready to get going for a couple of weeks now:

The challenge for this second session is to: Find a project that reminds you of one of your favorite places to vacation or relax.  It can be based on colors, regions, names or however you'd like to interpret your love for that favorite place.  The second project must have a minimum of 600 yards.

My favorite place to vacation is the beach.  I remember playing in the waves with my family when I was growing up in the G, and years later, taking my kids to the beach and doing the same thing. (No picture of the kids at the beach...My parents were better at documenting our activities than I am.)

I'm going to make the New Wave Cardigan.  I have wanted to make this cardi for a while; so, I thought it would be perfect, seeing that it has the word "wave" in the name.  I will be using Shalimar Breathless.  It's a yarn that I've been eyeing.  I chose the color Neptune because I really like it and it has a tie in to the theme.

I kinda procrastinated and started winding my yarn today.  Of course, I still have to knit and block a swatch...

(I'll wait a bit while you three rolling on the floor and laughing collect yourselves at the thought of me blocking a swatch...)

Yeah, I'm not a big swatch blocker kind of girl.  Most of the time, I just knit a square, measure the stitches and rows and if everything lines up closely enough - I get going.  That's because I mostly knit things whose gauge is not critical - shawls, scarves, hats, baby items, afghans, socks...

OK, gauge is important with socks, but since I mostly knit socks for me, I have figured out the idiosyncrasies and the tight gauge doesn't really change after washing that much.

BUT...this cardigan needs to fit and the Breathless has silk in it and silk tends to grow after it is washed.

Off to finish winding yarn...

MK out.

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Lorette said...

Yup. Gauge swatch for the cardigan. Ask me how I know this.
That color yarn is gorgeous