Monday, June 30, 2014

Movie Monday - 6/30/3014

I didn't really like Take This Waltz - a movie starring Michelle Williams and Seth Rogen and set in present day Toronto.  Williams plays Margot, a woman who is clearly searching.  Her 5-year marriage to Lou (Rogen) has gone flat. She meets another guy and that only exacerbates her dissatisfaction.  More stuff happens, and it was a little bit predictable. Meh.

The Jackie Robinson story is told in 42.  The film chronicles Robinson being signed by the Brooklyn Dodgers organization in 1946 and the struggles he faced moving up to the big show from the Montreal Royals. Chadwick Boseman, Harrison Ford, Lucas Black, Nicole Beharie, T.R. Knight and Hamish Linklater were just a few of the people who starred in this movie.  It was good.

The Lone Ranger, starring Armie Hammer and Johnny Depp, is a retelling to the story from the television series that started as a radio show in the 1930s.  John Reid (Hammer) joins forces with the excentric Tonto (Depp - who else?) to bring justice in circumstances surrounding the Transcontinental Railroad.  Tom Wilkinson, Ruth Wilson and Helena Bonham Carter also star in this film.  Apparently, the movie was a commercial failure and received mixed to negative reviews.  I thought it was pretty good, but I wasn't expecting Oscar caliber quality.

MK out.

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