Friday, June 27, 2014

FO Friday - 6/27/2014

I'm such a slacker people!  Actually, I have been working hard everyday - washing, ironing, cleaning, cooking, moving, watching movies, knitting, getting together with friends - just living my life...

BUT - the three faithful still reading my blog have no idea what is going on, because I haven't been documenting.

So, if you are one of those three, you are lucky, because there is a finished object and you get to see it:

I finished the Pimpelliese Shawlette last week and I finally blocked it this week. It's my Camp Loopy Project 1.  I used Fable Fibers Story in Ruby.  If you remember, our directive for the first project was to make something that reminded us of our favorite book, movie or tee vee show.  I made this shawlette for Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz to match her ruby slippers.

I liked the yarn okay.  It's an MCN (merino-cashmere-nylon blend). There are other MCNs out there that I like better, but I am glad that I tried it and I like my!

I have another couple of things that are finished but still need blocking; so, stay tuned.  Just think what all the millions of people who don't read my blog are missing...

MK out.

P.S.  I think if you click on the pics, you can see the whole thing - if your format is like mine and cuts off the right side.

P.S.S. My lawn people DO weed for me. 


Carrie said...

MK, your shawl is gorgeous.....I am one of the three (even though I think you have way more than 3 faithful out there!)

Annemieke York said...


Nikki said...

Not one of the three, so there must be more than three! Beautiful shawl. Perfect color for you. And I love your stone wall and bushes!