Friday, March 28, 2014

FO Friday - 3/28/2014

Patience will eventually be rewarded. Living in two houses is a real pain - knitting has been a bit of a salvation..when I have been able to actually do it.

I finished the 22.5 Degrees about two weeks ago and finally blocked it this week:

The yarn is Loopy Legend by The Loopy Ewe in the Nana Ruby's Jewels color way.  

I finished Ishbel this week:

The yarn is Kraemer Yarns Sterling Silk & Silver.  It was a dream to use.

I placed beads ever six stitches about every eight rows, but they cannot be seen by the naked eye, as they are the yarn.  But I know they are there. And it's all about me. (Right.)

I finished the March 2014 Socks earlier today:

The yarn is Gynx Sock by Gynx Yarns in the Sakura color way.  

I love how the flashing is orderly and as symmetric as possible - and Merry Karma approved.

This weekend, I am joining my sheeples at the DFW Fiber Fest.

The Yarn Harlot is speaking in, right now...She is teaching this weekend too.

MK out.


Lorette said...

Gorgeous projects! I love both of those shawls.

RubyC said...

I love the way your shawl came out with Nana Ruby's Jewel yarn. Gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.