Wednesday, May 22, 2013

WIP Wednesday - 5/22/2013

I know I promised that there would be FOs, but last Friday came and went...

To ease the sting a little, I can show you the current front burner WIPs.  First, I am working on the April socks (because the March socks did get finished):

I don't have my knitting books at my disposal these days; so, I had to search the web for help.  I had found one youtube video that had a wrapless short row heel demo.  I tried it and didn't really like it.  Not that it isn't a good technique, but that I just couldn't execute it to my exacting standards.  I ripped back and looked for a wrapped short row heel demo and found a good one.  There's also a part two, which explains how to pick up and knit those wraps quite well.

Since it seems that I cannot get enough of the Baby Blizzard pattern, I started another one:

I am making the largest size in order to use up this cotton yarn.  I think I am going to leave off the design element or come up with something else on my own...just to change it up a little.

MK out.

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