Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Ten on Tuesday - 5/14/2013

Carole asks us to list our Ten Favorite TV Moms. I haven't participated in a while, but I was feeling it today; so, here goes...

1. Sophia Petrillo from The Golden Girls - She reminds me of my mom.
2. Edith Bunker from All in the Family - She is ditzy, but has a wonderful heart.
3. Shirley Partridge from The Partridge Family - She is cool and a great role model for working moms.
4. Carol Brady from The Brady Bunch - I'm so jealous that she has an Alice.
5. Meredith Grey from Grey's Anatomy - She is a good mother even though she doesn't really feel it yet.
6. Ann Romano from One Day At a Time - I like her for being a strong role model - plus, I was quite the women's libber back then.
7. Evelyn Harper from Two and a Half Men - She says the stuff to and about her boys out loud  that other mothers are thinking.
8. Nora Walker from Brothers and Sisters - She's a meddler, but she allows her kids to be who they are.
9. Claire Huxtable from The Cosby Show - She is another good role model...and I admire the calm way she parents.
10. Debra Barone on Everybody Loves Raymond - She is just so fer realz.

Who do you like?

MK out.


Vicki Knitorious said...

Haha! I always liked Mrs. Barone, Sr., too!!

Teri said...

Debra Barone was the bomb-diggity.

dianne said...

Great list! I love your comment about Carol Brady because I wish I had an Alice too!

Rebecca said...

thirds on the alice thing! where can i get one? maybe if my dh were an architect lol

Kym said...

I almost included Alice on my list! :-)