Monday, December 17, 2012

Movie Monday - 12/17/2012

The Golden Globe Nominations were announced on Thursday and I realised that I really need to get busy!!!

I've watched some older movies on DVD:

In Passengers, Anne Hathaway plays a therapist treating the survivors of a plane crash.  She begins to notice that their accounts of what happened did not coincide with the airline's version.  Patrick Wilson, Dianne Wiest, David Morse and Andre Braugher also star in this movie. There's mystery and there's romance...what's not to like?  It was pretty good.

Meet Monica Velour is a bit of a quirky twist to the "hooker with a heart of gold" theme.  Kim Cattrall plays an aging stripper/adult movies star from the 80s who has captured the fancies of an awkward teenager played by Dustin Ingram.  When he finds out his idol is playing near an interested buyer for his grandfather's weenie mobile, he sets out to personally deliver the vehicle in order to go meet Monica.  It is the makings of a B movie, but surprisingly, it had more depth than expected.  It was sweet.

I didn't know that Chuck Barris - the creator of tee vee game shows of my youth, such as The Dating Game, The Newlywed Game and The Gong Show - was a CIA assassin.  Apparently, that's what he tells us in his autobiography.  Confessions of a Dangerous Mind is a movie  telling is about it, too.  Sam Rockwell plays Barris.  George Clooney, who also directed this film, plays the CIA man who recruits him.  Drew Barrymore and Julia Roberts also star.  It was pretty good.

You may know Josh Radnor from How I Met Your Mother.  He stars in and directs HappyThankYouMorePlease, a quirky dramedy about a group of friends in their late-twenties who are each dealing with grown up issues.  We watch them navigate their situations.  Sam (Radnor) is an aspiring writer with relationship issues.  One day, he picks up an abandoned child on the subway while on his way to a job interview.  He also meets Mississippi (Kate Mara) who bartends by day and aspires to make it big as a singer by night.  She's had her share of troubled relationships.  Annie (Malin Ackerman) has alopecia, and it is seriously compromising her self confidence to the point that she tolerates relationship abuse.  Charlie (Pablo Schreiber) and Mary Catherine (Zoe Kazan) are an unmarried couple dealing with a possible move.  I really liked this movie.

St. Nick is a sweet independent film about a brother and sister who run away from home.  Their adventure on the wide-open plains of Texas shows how they try to survive - from finding food and shelter to trying to blend in as if nothing is awry or amiss.  Real-life siblings Savanna and Tucker Sears play the duo.  I have it on good authority that the film was shot in Fort Worth.  I really liked it.

MK out.

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