Wednesday, June 6, 2012

WIP Wednesday - 6/6/2012

It is WIP Wednesday again!  It seems to come around so fast every week...

I have a total of four projects OTN today...and thank goodness for Knit Nite, because it will probably be the only chance I will have today to pick up any of those needles.

The Lazy Girl Shawl is not further than it was last week...I guess you could say that a lazy girl is knitting it (as well as reposting a picture she took last week of it):

I haven't picked up the April socks since, well...sometime in May probably:

I did however make good progress on my Camp Loopy Project One:

The yarn is yummy in the skein and in the fabric, but it still is a little too ropey for my tastes while I am working it.  The sleeves are done, but I think I will make them just a tad longer, after I finish the edging that will be going around the entire cardi.  It's going to be pretty cute, I think.

I started my June 2012 socks right on the first: 

One of the Sock Knitters Anonymous challenge choices this month to knit an underappreciated pattern - meaning, less than 15 people had made it so far on Ravelry.  I found one, kept it in mind, and on the stroke of midnight, I created my project page, created my cast on post and I casted on.  Then, I went to sleep.  I started working on the cuff and just wasn't getting gauge, despite having gone down to 2.0mm needles.  I took a little closer look at the yarn's page on Ravelry and realized that it is sport weight - so, after a little thought, I figured out how and where I could make adjustments and I started again. 

What's on your needles?

MK out.

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Good projects, all!