Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ten on Tuesday - 3/6/2012 - Bag Lady Confessions...

I have to thank Carole for this week's subject:  Ten Things in Your Purse.  By dumping out the purse I was able to 1. clean it out and 2. find the package for a set of circulars for which I had searched the house yesterday...

Here are what I consider the ten essential items in my purses:

1.  The sunglasses usually sit on top of my head like a headband, but they spend the night in the purse.
2.  The phone - I can't leave home without it.
3.  I have a little coin purse. It also holds driver's license and credit cards.
4.  I still have a Palm Pilot.  Yes...I am old school. I don't like the gmail system and my Droid info doesn't sync with my computer very well.
5.  The car key fob also has the front door keys to our house and to my mom's.
6.  This pillbox was my mom's.  It sure comes in handy to carry some calcium pills; so, I have them available to take if I am out and about.
7.  One of the most important things I carry is a pen.  One always needs a pen.  Back in the day, when I was a swinging bachelorette and would go clubbing...my little purse always had a pen.
8.  Paper is also a must...Writing a cute guy's digits on your hand is just not pretty...(Did I say that out loud?) OK, OK...That was a holdover from back in the day...These days, the things I want to write down are more varied...thoughts, lists of things to do, calls to make - boring stuff...
9.  Lipstick is the most important thing I carry.  I can't go anywhere without my shine.
10.  I carry the checkbook around out of habit.  I don't normally have to write a check while I am out and about, but it is a good place to park it and know where it is when I need to find it.

Here are some additional things that were in there that have other places to go:

I have snaps I bought at Jo Ann's yesterday for which I declined a bag, 40-in 3.00mm circulars from a little hat I made last week, free taco coupons from the Mavericks game this weekend, a Star Bucks gift card, notes about area Zumba classes, the errand list, receipts from the bottom of my bag, the errant circular needles package, a restaurant loyalty card and the shopping list with some coupons...

Yes, my purse is quite messy at times, but not today.

MK out.


Ruby said...

I think this means we should all clean out our purses. Thanks for the push. I needed it.

Knitrageous said...

Last time I cleaned out mine, to go to the airport, I found $8.60 in change. No wonder the silly thing is so heavy. And I need eyedrops and Vicks. I don't know which I need more but gotta have em! It's like a Mary Poppin's bag...never know what you might pull out! :)

kathy b said...

love your messy purse.....so honest of yoU!!! I hate those coupons you get at sports events., I always forget to use them in time

Carole Knits said...

I love that having a Palm Pilot is considered old school! lol.

Honoré said...

aren't the "treasures" we find in our purses/bags interesting, to say the least. had to laugh about your pen 'always with me' comment...ah, the days.