Friday, December 23, 2011

FO Friday - 12/23/2011 - Merry Christmas Y'all

I finished these Christmas stockings in November, but then I took them to the embroidery shop and it took a few weeks to get them back.  I gave them to the recipients last week, but waited until today to show them to you:

The stockings are made from Ella Rae Classic wool in mostly Christmassy colors and using  5mm 16-inch Addi turbos. 

I winged the pattern, knitting top-down with a picot edging for the feminine ones and a funky edging for the masculine one that I will not use again, most probably.  

Then, I proceeded to the short-row heel, continued down the foot and grafted the toe.

Here is an FO from several years ago.  It is a shawl that I made for myself using Trendsetter Dune yarn.  I remember that the pattern (Lacy Scarf or Wrap by Catherine Ham) called for seven skeins, but I stopped after six.  I really wanted to wear it and was over it already.  I returned the extra skein, and to this day, I keep wondering if maybe I should have gone ahead and used all seven.  Oh well...

I love the yarn.  It has just the right amount of sparklie...and you know how much I heart the sparklie!  It has done a bit of blooming since I first knit it, and it still looks great.

MK out.

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