Monday, December 6, 2010

Movie Monday - 12/6/2010

This week was very hectic; so, I didn't have tons of time to watch movies, or do much else besides staying a step or two ahead of the painters.  I did manage to watch a couple of things on my iPad via Netflix:

Judith is an old movie with Sophia Loren and Peter Finch. It is set in Israel, near the Syrian border, about the time that Israel was being declared it's own state. The main character, Judith, who is Jewish, had been betrayed by her Nazi general husband. She and their son were sent to Dauchau and ultimately separated. Her survival was fueled by her desire to exact revenge. She was smuggled to Israel by Finch's group, who are Nazi war criminal hunters. They need hr to help them identify him. He is supplying the Arabs with tanks and munitions to use against the Isrealis. So, it's sort of a Nazi movie and it was good.

The Red Balloon is an award winning short, made in 1956, about a little boy who finds a helium filled balloon. Soon, it seems the balloon has a mind of its own. it is set in Paris, and is in French with English subtitles, though there is not much dialogue. It was cute.

Flight of the Red Balloon, references The Red Balloon. I saw this one first and then looked up the short on Netflix, and they had it. It is also set in Paris and is in French with English subtitles. Juliette Binoche stars in the movie, playing Suzanne, a busy, harried single mother, who hires a nanny to mind her son. The quiet, calm manner of the nanny is contrasted against the mother. Their living quarters are a bit of a mess, and it bugged me through the whole film. Juliette has blonde hair in this film, and that is not disconcerting, but the messy way she wears it is. It was alright.

In other news, the Fly Swarm 2010 - Part 3 is driving me batty.  The Orkin man did come and assured me that the flies were ordinary house flies that had likely come in when the windows and front door were open during the painting adventure.  He didn't charge me for his assessment and suggested I get some fly paper or something to help capture them.

We got one on Saturday and put it up where the flies were hanging out - around my living room windows.  For the whole first day, not one fly got caught on it.  It is an orange tube, similar to a paper towel tube, with flies drawn on it.  The theory is that flies will attract more flies.  Yesterday morning, I got up fairly early and there still were no flies attached.  A few hours later, I checked it, and two flies were attached, right on top of drawings of flies.  Hmmm...maybe there is something to this theory.  However, by the end of the day yesterday, only about 9 flies attached - about one-tenth of the fly population in my home.  Interestingly, all were attached on top of drawn flies.  The body count is going up in more ways than one. They have been starting to die on their own. It has been a few days since they've had food or water or whatever keeps flies alive, and I've swatted a few that had crossed my path, but there are still more than I like flying around making me crazy.

Oh well...

MK out.


Knitrageous said...

How are you with plants? Maybe a Venus Flytrap? ha ha I don't even know if they work. But I can sympathize over the fly invasion. I hate them!

Merry Karma said...

It's getting better, but I did google Venus Flytrap. I decided that I'd probably kill the thing, cause I'm not very good with plants.