Monday, December 13, 2010

Beautiful Day

Now that I've hopefully given you the earworm of the day...

I have been been trying to combat the knitting curse with some instant gratification projects.  As I've been laying on the couch watching movies on my iPad, feeling sorry for myself that I am not technically advanced enough to figure out how to make sweaters fit me well, or figure out how to decrease while keeping in pattern, (or what have you), my hands have not been keeping still. 

Y'all have to know by now that I have quite a bit of yarn and more than one set of needles in each size.  Surely, y'all know that...And of course, looking through the stash and flipping through patterns is often inspiring.  I found some dark green eyelash yarn and some dark blue eyelash yarn the other day.  I know...It's not the hot ticket anymore, but it does have its uses.  So, I thought a minute and realized that I need some glitzy ornamentation to wear to hockey and basketball games.  I mean, what screams "Team Spirit!!!" louder than funky boa scarves in your teams colors? 

The Go STARS! boa:

The Go MAVS! boa:

And I needed something funky and fun for a young, hip girl for Christmas.  Since she likes pink, I put two and two together and came up with:

I took this picture yesterday afternoon...Things are looking up in Merry Karma's world.  Now, if I could just get that Christmas tree set up...

Movies tomorrow...

MK out.

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