Thursday, October 30, 2008

Blast From My Past

You're an innocent soul who often has trouble understanding the world around you. You appreciate the value of heritage and are driven by a desire to find your place in the world. Just lose the ugly sleeveless dresses, okay?

Take the Dark Shadows Character Quiz, hosted by the Dark Shadows Journal Online.

I was very, very young (no, really) when I would race home after school to watch Dark Shadows. Then, Patty Nilsson and I would discuss what happened the next day on the playground at Rosenburg Elementary School.

I had the biggest crushes on David and Quentin.

I watched House of Dark Shadows on the Chiller channel the other day. It came on about 3:00am, but I recorded it. Unlike Barnabas, I work better when the sun is up. The next night (or morning) Night of Dark Shadows played and I recorded that one, too. Watching these movies brought back many memories, but I was surprised at how campy the show was.

Me - Victoria Winters? Hmmm....

MK out.


Lorette said...

Oh man, I love Dark Shadows. Did you know that you can rent them all on Netflix? I'm off to take the quiz.

Jennifer said...

LOVED Dark Shadows back in the day. Who didn't run right home from school to catch it every afternoon. I haven't seen the movies or any of the episodes in ages.