Monday, October 27, 2008

Tales of the G - Part 3

It appears that debris from the back of the house (the bayside) was pushed to the front and is coming out through the garage.

Blue tarps cover some roofs with beautiful blue sky in the background.

What is left of Murdoch's Pier stands defiantly alone .

I was so startled by the boats on the side of the causeway coming into town, that I did not snap any pics...

...But I was ready on the way out of town.

The little time I spent there was enough to put me into a depressed state. The words "my Galveston is gone," kept going through my mind. Not that I ever expected it to stay forever the Galveston in which I grew up and always remember. And likely, the post-Ike Galveston will emerge better than the one before.

By rights, no one should ever have been allowed to live on Galveston, as it is a barrier island - but too late now...People have built on it and have lived full, colorful lives. The ghosts of many adventures roam the island, and now, more spectors will settle there.

One ironic thing I noticed while surveying the damage - the water looked beautiful. It was as if it was trying to deny its culpability in the devastation.

Another ironic thing I saw were the "help wanted" and "now hiring" signs in front of the restaurants on the Seawall that are open. The island is crowded with workers and the only places to eat are feeling the effects of a town missing two-thirds of its population.

It remains to be seen how the island will bounce back, but bounce back it will. The people of Galveston are a hardy stock. There are families that have been there for generations. My only concern is the fate of the medical school. There are rumors that the State will use the damage from the hurricane as the excuse it needed to close the school. I seriously doubt that, but I am worried about how much will be eliminated from the facility. Something interesting to see was the legions of workers that were being bussed in to clean out the buildings at UTMB. There were big lines and groups of people wearing white jumpsuits and masks traipsing into the hospitals. It looked rather sci-fi.

I don't know when I will be able to go down there again, but hopefully next time, I will see more signs of life.

MK out.

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