Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tales from the G

It has taken a while for me to process what is depicted in these images. Overall, the island looks sad and dirty - but amongst the anguish and devastation, there are glimmers of hope. There is debris everywhere one looks, but some streets and neighborhoods have more than others.

Harbor View and parts of Fish Village look like a bomb went off. It's earily quiet, with few people around. There are several boats in slips at the Yacht Basin, but the once full-on-weekends parking lot is empty. The boat storage warehouse that burned during the height of the storm is a mangled and charred mess.

The grass is dead in this yard, littered with debris.

This street looks very sad.

This pile, in front of a stately home in one of the finer neighborhoods contains ruined furniture, mattresses, soggy sheetrock and the like.

This stump is left from a tree that was almost blown over during the storm. The root system is exposed.

Ruined merchandise and shop furniture from a business out by the curb.

MK out.

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