Wednesday, November 5, 2008

You May Now Return to Your Regularly Scheduled Activities

The elections are over, thankfully; so, we don't have to watch anymore mudslinging campaign ads, or listen to anymore poll statistics for a few years. (Yay.) The downside is that Tina Fey won't be entertaining us with her Sarah Palin impersonations. The other downside is that we will once again be privy to all kinds of things about Paris Hilton and Britney Spears that we didn't want or need to know.

Here's a few pictures to help you acclimate back into the real world and to turn your attention to things that are really knitting.

My STARS socks are finished, and I've already worn them to a game.

My October socks in the Opal Rainforest Tiger colorway. I am working on the heel flap now.

Seriously? Yep, they are finished!

September socks and they haven't budged from this point. I love working with Koigu - my first time. And, they are toe up.

My poor June socks are stalled.

MK out.

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