Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year

Today is the day that we sit down and reflect over the past year, and think about what we would like to accomplish in the new year.

My New Year's Resolutions can be summed up in one phrase - "keep trying." I will keep trying to exercise on a regular basis. I will keep trying to decrapify this house. I will keep trying to be patient, kind and understanding. I will keep trying to learn new things...

I wish everyone to have a happy and healthy 2008 - whatever your resolutions are.

Tonight, the fam and I are going to party with the Dallas STARS and then come home before "the crazies" are out driving on the road. We've done that for the last three years. It's fun and all, but I miss me a good, fun party. Maybe, next year...(I will keep trying to have/attend a fun New Year's Eve party again, once before I die.)

And if you think that my tree is still lightless, I leave you with this shot taken as Christmas Eve was turning into Christmas Day...

To think that I now have to take it all down...

Merry Karma out.

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