Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Mercury Rising

…And I don’t mean the astrological kind. Not that I am opposed to topics astrological. I read my “horror”scope daily, just to see what kind of day I should be having.

I don’t mean the outside temperature kind either. Although, it has been quite a bit warmer since Wednesday. (We've had more sunshine and less rain.)

No, I am referring to the millimeters of mercury found within a sphygmomanometer, otherwise known as a blood pressure cuff. Since January 2006, I have not been exercising regularly. The treadmill went on the blink back then, and the exercise room morphed into the junk room; so, my fitness efforts were seriously thwarted. My exercising had to be worked around the weather, since my weather-proof options were no longer available. Coupled with the irregular exercising was the stress eating (for various reasons). Long story short, two months ago, I noticed that I had gained a few pounds and that my blood pressure reading had moved away from the 120/70 range. It hasn’t reached a critical point yet, by any means, but being a health care provider, I am not happy with this state of affairs. Hypertension runs in my family; so, I have to be extra careful. I started with cutting down on added salt. A month ago, I finally found a good fitness routine that is painless and easy to fit into my schedule without worrying about the weather.

Things were going merrily along, I thought, until a week ago, when I stepped on the scales for the first time in several weeks. I hadn’t lost a.n.y weight. In fact, I had gained a pound. And my blood pressure wasn't too pretty either.

I'm not through sulking.

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