Monday, February 11, 2019

Movie Monday - 2/11/2019

Christian Bale does an excellent job portraying Dick Chaney in Vice. Amy Adams plays his wife Lynne. The film fills in the background about Chaney's life up to and including being chosen to become W's running mate. Sam Rockwell does a great job with his characterization of the 43rd president. Steve Carell, Allison Pill, Lilly Rabe and Tyler Perry are among the other fine actors in this film.
If Beale Street Could Talk is the adaptation of James Baldwin's novel of the same name. It's set in early 1970s Harlem and follows the tragic love story of two long-time friends, Tish and Fonny. Fonny is convicted of a rape he didn't commit and Tish does her best to get him out. It's a heartrending story about issues that still exist today. 

I have two more films to watch before the Academy Awards. 

In other news, I may not get to watch the actual show.

I know.

MK out.

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