Friday, April 8, 2016

FO Friday - 4/8/2016

Once upon a time, there was an adorable little boy. 

Every night at bedtime, his mom would read him a story or five before putting him down to sleep. One of his favorite stories was Goodnight Moon. He loved it when his momma would turn page after page and ask, "Where's the mouse?" He would point out the mouse and together they would say, "me-me-me-me-me," in a little high pitched voice that they imagined would sound like how a mouse would, if it were able to vocalize as humans do. This special time they shared turned into an endearing memory that lives in the momma's heart to this day.

Imagine her delight when she came upon a Goodnight Moon collection of fabrics at The Loopy Ewe while out in Colorado visiting the little boy. He was now a young man attending college. When she saw the collection, she immediately thought of that special time she shared with her son and bought a fat quarter set of the fabrics. She didn't know exactly what she would make, but it made her very happy to purchase the fabric anyway.

When the mom showed the fabric to the now grown young man, she was astonished when he informed her that he didn't remember the book at all. The end.

The little $#€%!!!  Can you imagine? 

Several weeks ago, I pulled out that fabric and was looking around on line for something to make with it. I saw this cute, simple quilt pattern that looked about right. Not too long after that, as in the next couple of days, the assignment was announced for the February Loopy's Monthly Mixer - we could use the yarn, fabric or pattern that's been on our "must make/use this" list for the shortest amount of time. Well....BAZINGA!

The quilt has been finished, except for the binding, since the end of last month. I finally hemmed the binding this week and here it is:

I really like how it turned out. I used a grey fabric for the sashing and a teal for the binding. I chose yellow for the back. I have enough of the Goodnight Moon fabrics to make another quilt. I don't know who the recipients will be. I do have a grandmother's hope chest... 

Maybe someday, I will be reading the book to some other little people while they are wrapped up in their Goodnight Moon quilts.

MK out.


Susan said...

This is a great story!!

that clever clementine said...

Love the story -- and yeah. Isn't that just like a kid, to not remember all the things WE remember? (And probably to remember plenty of things that we DON'T!)

Merry Karma said...

Thank you Susan and Vicki. :) and yes - sometimes they remember things we don't...and maybe, we don't want to remember some of those. ;)

RubyC said...

That is certainly a kid for you. Those things we remember are not always what those kids remember when they are grown. And like someone said, some things they do remember, we would rather they did not. But life goes. The quilt is beautiful and someday, when the little boy/now grown boy has little ones of his own, this might be a great thing to pull out of your grandmother's chest.