Friday, April 1, 2016

FO Friday - 4/1/2016

The DFW Fiber Fest is going on this weekend! Y'all should come and check it out!

I finally blocked the little hoodie I made for one of my Loopy Academy assignments - twisted stitches. I double-dipped...It's also my Loopy's Monthly Mixer for February yarn project - make something with your most recent wish listed yarn or most recently queued or seen pattern.

Pattern: Latte Baby Coat
Yarn: Cascade 220 Superwash
Woohoo! I've completed two of three of the three Loopy Academy assignments, and the third is currently underway. Don't ask me about the three fabric assignments. I will tell you that one is cut out and would be at least partially stitched, but I spent yesterday getting my serger back in working order. I do have a plan for the second. The third one is still in limbo.

I also blocked my Loopy's Monthly Mixer March project:

Pattern: Mira's Cowl
Yarn: Madelinetosh TML
The challenge was M is for Mars. I think I have enough Ms associated with this project, don't you?

So, as far as the Monthly Mixers go, I am caught up for yarn projects. I still have to bind the quilt I'm making for the February project and then I will really be caught up. Even though there's no deadline for these projects (except for the end of the year), it just works better for me to stay as caught up as I can, I hope to find out today what the April assignments are.

MK out.

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