Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fling Has Flung!

I was one of the lucky people who were chosen to participate in The Loopy Ewe's annual fiber extravaganza. It's a weekend with classes, knitting, making friends and, of course, yarn shopping.

We were all gifted a goodie bag filled with luscious treats:

There was a dessert reception the first night, complete with a talk by The Yarn Harlot:

At night, the knitters would gather in the stitching lounge to knit and talk.  The teachers (all goddesses in the knitting world) would join the group. Here are two of the teachers, Ann and Stephanie, explaining each of their philosophical takes on the Kitchener technique:

Here's what I bought on my trip to The Loopy Ewe:

There were door prizes on the last night:

I won one!

I cannot reveal much else, because What Happens at Fling, Stays at Fling, but I will say that there was a lolly salad and Tim Tam slamming going on...

MK out.


Knitphomaniac said...

Oh MK, I am so jealous! One year I will get to go...it is just not in the cards right now. But I have that same String theory yarn that you bought! I also snagged some Dark Side of the Moon Colorway which is the same colorway Stephanie Pearl McPhee is making her socks with....so that is my partial participation! ha, ha!

Anonymous said...

That was so interesting.