Thursday, December 12, 2013

WIP Wednesday - 12/12/2013

I don't really have anything I can show today.

I still haven't decided what pattern to make for my December socks or even what yarn I want to use.  The SKA challenge choices for the month are: Stashbusters/Leftovers or Entrelac for the featured techniques OR General Hogbuffer or Laura Jenkins for the featured designers.  

I cannot decide if I want to choose one of the above and participate in the SKA challenge or if I want to just take one of my stripeys like this one

and make a plain vanilla sock.

Decisions, decisions...

All I know is that I must finish two Christmas gifts before I add anymore new projects to my list.

Speaking of Christmas...we are in Bah, Humbug mode around here.  The tree is not up - it is in the living room, still in the bags, but it is not up.  I'm thinking that's a record for Chez Merry Karma.  I suppose the challenges from the last three years have finally caught up with us and we are just not feeling it...or...maybe the fact that we are moving may be a teeny part of it...or both.  None-the-less, I need to get my act in gear and start feeling Christmassy.

MK out.

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