Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ten on Tuesday - 1/10/2012 - Soup's On!!!

This week, Carole asks us to tell our Ten Favorite Soups.  It's a great day to eat soup around here today - gray, cold, wet...

I love soup.  I love many different kinds, but here are ten that quickly come to mind:
1.  Lentil soup - my mom's recipe...straight forward with lentils, onions, carrots, garlic, water and a little olive oil for sauteing.  Yum!
2.  Split pea soup...again, another Momma recipe and not too many ingredients, but so filling.
3.  My momma also made a chickpea soup that I just love.  She was great with minimal ingredients and big taste.
4.  Avgolemono (Lemon Egg) Soup...Yep, it's another Momma specialty.  This one is a little more involved, as we make our own chicken or turkey broth (after Thanksgiving or Christmas...it is a must to use that leftover carcass), but it is so worth it.
5.  Momma's Beef Stew - all my kids love this one...even some of their friends.
6.  Chicken Tortilla Soup, although I haven't had a good one since Tia's closed.
7.  La Madelaine's Tomato Basil
8.  Campbell's Cream of Tomato Soup - with grilled cheese sandwiches, please.  My mom asked me to make this for supper sometimes, when the boys were gone and it was just the two of us...
9.  Lobster Bisque - Truluck's makes a good one.
10.  The borscht at Nikolai's Roof in Atlanta, Georgia...love it.  Sadly, I haven't been to Atlanta in a while.

I am so thankful that I learned how to make the soups my momma made; so, I can make them anytime I am hungry for them.  I guess I should learn how to make some of the others - except Cambell's can keep making the Cream of Tomato for me.

I think I may make soup for tonight's supper now...

MK out.


Knitrageous said...

Yum! I love soup. And this past couple of days was sure the weather! I made green chili potato soup yesterday and brought some for lunch today. I'd eat soup all the time if someone would eat it with me!

Anonymous said...

i forgot chicken tortilla! another favorite!

Vicki Knitorious said...

I think a lot of us are going to be making soup this week! Yum.
; )

Mary said...

...I have sara, but you have a soup-making momma! love chicken tortilla soup, too (and like vicki said, I think a lot of us are going to be making - and eating! - soup this week!!)

Patty said...

Your Momma taught you well! Nice to see another borsch lover out there!

Patty said...

Borscht! ;-)

MargoLynn said...

I love this list! So of course I had to do my own:


Our weather is turning this week, when I get home there will probably be soup simmering thanks to this post.

Beth said...

I keep hearing that chicken tortilla soup is good but I've never tried it. I need to do that!