Monday, November 21, 2011

Movie Monday - 11/21/2011

Here are two movies I've seen in the last week:

In Summer in Genoa, a recent widower takes his two daughters overseas to Italy for a change of scenery to get over their mother's death.  Colin Firth, Catherine Keener,  I would definitely see this film just for the scenery, because other than the beautiful shots of Italy, the movie was pretty lackluster.  The plot was slow and the acting wasn't anything to write home about...

The Princess of Montpensier, in French with English subtitles, is a historical drama set in France during the 1500s when the Catholics and the Huguenots are trying to tear the country apart.  Melanie Thierry, Lambert Wilson, Gregoire Leprince-Ringuet and Gaspard Ulliel star in this love triangle (really rectangle, of sorts) that is, again, a bit slow, but moslty in the beginning.  The acting was much better in this film and the attention to detail is apparent.  Marie de Mezieres loves her cousin, Henri de Guise, but has been promised to marry Phillippe de Montpensier.  I wonder what it feels like to be wanted by so many...

MK out.

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