Thursday, March 18, 2010

The January 2010 FOs*

Getting closer to being caught up with my project postings...

I made a hat for my youngest DGD at her request.  I adapted my stella hat pattern.  I used a skein of Encore DK that I had in the stash.

I had one ball of this discontinued yarn called Devotion by Reynolds.  It really is yummy feeling; so, I thought I would make a little cowl that would feel nice against my neck.  I couldn't find a pattern that didn't require more yarn than I had; so, I made one up.  The result is probably v.5 or v.6 - I reknitted this thing many times to get it just right and having enough yarn to do so.  I call it Holey Cowl!!!

This little orange sweater was made with a particular little girl in mind.  She is still incubating - don't remember her actual due date.  I used Berroco Comfort DK.  I enjoyed knitting with it, and it is easy care...a must for busy moms.  The fabric underneath will be used to make a little dress to go with the sweater. 

I don't really like the rose flowers on it, since the flowers on the fabric are different.  I found another flower I like, and I can use a little hot pink to pull out the hot pink in the fabric.

All the grandkids have a blanky made by Kay Kay.  Jackson got his for his first birthday this year.  I used two colors of the very durable Red Heart Super Saver Solids held together.  It's a great yarn for a mom with young kids...It wears like iron and washes well.

The Kid told me that the four other boys on the cheerleading squad liked the hat that I made him for graduation.  I made them all a hat in the CSU colors in Berroco Comfort - even another one for The Kid so the yarn would match on all.

I have two February FOs for which I don't have any pics.  One has already been gifted, but I'll see what I can do to chase that one down.  That post to follow...

MK out.
*FO = Finished Object


Knitrageous said...

Great stuff MK!

Merry Karma said...

Thanks, Lady!

IslandPearl said...

You are amazing!! I 'specially love the lil kiddle stuff...looks like doll clothes!