Sunday, March 21, 2010

If Yesterday Was the First Day of Spring...

...Why did I wake up to snow covering the trees, bushes and grass?  My mistake, I guess...Just because it is spring doesn't mean it can't snow.  It's just that it is an oddity here in the Big D area.  I think it started snowing lightly yesterday in the late afternoon, and it kept up the rest of the night.  Well, it was pretty anyway.  It was gone before lunchtime.

This time of year means Spring Break, and The Kid was home for the week.  We didn't go anywhere...just hung around and went to eat at favorite restaurants and went to a few games.  It's kind of sad, because he left this morning to go back to school.  I miss him already.

Spring also means Easter time.  My mom decided that since it is almost Easter - it's two weeks away, you know - it was time to make some Easter cookies.  She always has been one to plan and execute her plans ahead of time.  Even at this age, she is very disciplined.  I did not inherit this trait from her.  I struggle daily to keep it together.

I love mixing the butter and sugar together until it gets nice and creamy.

The dough is ready.

Here's the end result.  Yum!

MK out.

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